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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This past weekend is one of my favorite parties, DXS Rapture. I love everything about it: the people who run it, the location, the furniture, toys, food and the music (well, now I do, since they replaced the old cranky DJ with Cosmo, who is cooler than cool.) I particularly love it because they brought both Daddy and me on as house riggers and house Doms for their parties. With great power comes great responsibility. Also comes with some pretty awesome perks, but I won't get into that at the moment.

Ever since adopting Kira, Daddy and I haven't had much time to play, aside from our typical non-narwhal sex. Even though our sex is quite kinky -- in fact, I'm not sure we're capable of having vanilla sex -- kinky sex isn't quite a substitute for playing. We needed to remedy that. Before the mass of kinksters flooded this amazing two floor mansion, Daddy made sure to grab the rig and set up a hard point for us to use. Granted, as house riggers, we can grab the rigs whenever we want :)

Daddy's style of tying is interesting, to say the least. He's a wonderful mix of romantic, gentle, rough and violent. I don't think many people could tie the way he does, it just wouldn't translate over. Somewhere between the kisses and being thrown around by my hair, Daddy managed to tie me in a take kote, completely lace a rope down my right leg, frog tie my left leg and connect that to a different point on my chest. The laced right leg was connected to the hard point. The end result? A twisted contortion that left me exposed.

Now, I have no problems being naked in public, but there's something about being spread open in front of people that makes me really embarrassed. The idea that anyone in the room can see my exposed sex, or see how wet I am, doesn't sit well with me. It's not bad enough to be a hard limit, but just enough to really push me to the edge.

Daddy lined the back of my elevated leg with a zipper: a bunch of clothespins connected on a single line. He single tailed some of them, toy with them. Every now and then he would crawl on top of me, rub his fingers against my clit and whisper, "How does it feel right now to be exposed to everyone, you dirty little girl? How does it feel to know everyone can see you right now?"

In my mind, I'm fairly good at handling pain in public. I absolutely cannot handle embarrassment. I started crying instantly. The tears intensify everything I feel and at that moment is when Daddy decided to pull the zipper off.

It was short, intense scene, but something I definitely needed. I think Daddy needed it, too. Hopefully I'll get these pictures soon. Rapture hired a new photographer and I have no idea how quickly she edits things.

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