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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Danglin' Season: BGSC Hit

We just did the first BGSC hit of the season. We tried to keep it pretty small and interesting, especially since we learned quite a bit from last year's inaugural suspensions.

Knotty Nate and Jezebelle came out with us on their first official BGSC hit, although, they were at the merry-go-round hit that we did for The City Paper (PS: That merry-go-round no longer exists...we may have been the last people to touch it :D)

The location was some run down rack of buildings in Ellicott City, Maryland. I'm not sure what it used to be, but it seems like it contained some sort of engine structures within it, an old pumping station perhaps?

We ended up finding some crazy looking wrecks and doing a quick shoot. Here are some of the shots :D

I'm on the left, in case you were wondering :) but you probably weren't.

Everyone came over afterwards, along with a several others who couldn't make the hit, and we did our typical Friday night rope thing. So far, a great start to the weekend.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tops, it's Okay to say No

Let's start off with a brief example, shall we? (This is a pretty made up example, but various situations similar to this occur all the time)

New bottom: I want to be suspended! Please suspend me?
Me: Okay...what's your experience with rope?
New bottom: Never been tied up before.
Me: Hmmm, well, I don't think I'm going to suspend you then. How about we do some floor work?
New bottom: I really want to be suspended, though, it looks so fun!
Me: ...Sorry, I won't do it.
New bottom: Fine, I'll find someone else that will.

This is an extreme example of Tops getting pressured. Everyone always goes into extreme detail on how bottoms need to negotiate their asses off and to never feel like they need to do what the Top wants, unless it's something they also want to do. Well, Tops, the same is true for you! You also have a right to decide what you are okay and not okay doing. Just because a bottom is adamant on what they want doesn't mean you have to do it.

Let's look at the original example again. I'm sure the bottom is hell bent and truly wants to be suspended, but I just don't feel comfortable doing it. Why? Do I not trust my suspension skills? Do I not trust the bottom? What gives?

I am a competent rigger (at least in my own mind, it's really up to the rest of the community to decide that), but more than that, I have common sense. New bottom (abbreviated NB from this point on) hasn't even crawled yet and wants to fly. This sets my spidey sense off. NB, why not even see if you like being tied up? How do you know you'll enjoy a suspension if you've never touched rope before? If you've never experienced any type of rope, how do you know what's a good pain? A bad hurt? Weird pressure?

The last thing I want to do is put you up and have you realize you don't really like rope or that it would hurt a lot more than you realize. Having you panic and thrash around, demanding to be put down psychologically and physically can hurt you badly. Harm you even. And, at the chance of sounding really selfish, but what about me? It definitely hurts me psychologically to think I could have really done some non-consensual damage to you. Not to mention that it does spread around the community like wildfire that there's a chance that I'm not a RACK or SSC player. Damaging all around.

There's a good chance that if someone gets injured, a lot of the blame is going to hit the Top and not the bottom, even if it was the bottom's idea.

So I say no and if you don't like it, too bad. I would rather play light or not play at all than run the risk of doing something irreversible. I can always do more next time, I can't really undo some damage if I go too far the first time.

Sometimes people don't really know what they are asking for and, as a Top, it's our job to let them know it's just not feasible to do. Yes, the bottom has every right to ask, but you have every right to say no. and it doesn't even have to be for safety reasons to say no. You can just say no because you don't feel like it, you can say no because it's a hard limit, you can say no because you only do specific things with specific people, you can say no because the environment isn't suitable, you can say no because you're not in the right headspace for it, you can say no because there isn't time. Basically, any reason a bottom can give you say no, you can use, as well.

When I think about it, we (Daddy and I) say no more than we say yes. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But please, say no instead of being wishy-washy. "uhmmms..." and "errrrrs..." don't look any better and it gives the false hope that you may just do what the bottom requests, even if it's something you don't want to do

Stand your ground, just say, "No." :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Don't Like Pain...Ok, I Do Like Pain

I tend to hang out with pain sluts, people who really enjoy multiple forms of intense pain, and, because of that, I often tell people that I don't enjoy pain. I don't enjoy paddling, I don't enjoy being punched and I don't really enjoy caning. A lot of those forms of impact are synonymous to punishment for me, so, at the time, it was completely accurate to say I didn't like pain.

Now that I think about it, though, I do enjoy pain. Take last night, for example.

Daddy simply told me to get naked when we got back from a TNG Happy hour. I did as I was told and as I undressed, he pulled a thin hood over my face. For some reason, the second I'm blind folded or hooded, I get into my headspace and become extremely compliant and submissive. It's hard to remember little details, but I do remember Daddy grabbing my hair, pulling my face down to his cock and using my mouth for a moment or two.

He had me sit perfectly still and I could feel his hands play between my legs, tugging and pulling. He attached something to one of my pussy lips: a tile clamp. These are super cheap, super strong clamps one could buy at Home Depot. They're usually used for spacing out and clamping tiles (surprise!), but can be used for other, more devious things. Like torturing little girls like me.

He clamped four to my pussy, two on each lip. He then proceeded to clamp my nipples. The pain was so incredible, I could feel my eyes begin to well up with tears. At the same time, I could feel myself getting so wet, I was dripping onto my bed.

As the icing on this sadistic cake, Daddy managed to attach the nippled clamps to one of the sets of clamps between my legs. No matter how or where I moved, it would pull either set of clamps, usually both. The intensity of the pain would only get worst from this point on, and, of course, at the peak of my torture, Daddy handcuffed me and then forced me to suck his cock.

Normally, I would be crying all over his cock, which makes him all the more hard, but the hood soaked up most of the tears. The fact I was still making the crying noises and was suffering for him was enough though. He was so turned on, I'm not sure how he managed to pull himself out of my mouth.

The best and worst part of clamps is the removal. Daddy swiftly removed each clamp, causing me to shudder and scream a bit. All my senses were completely overwhelmed at this point and all I knew was I wanted him to be inside me. Within seconds, he was on top of me, making me beg to cum.

I'm a lucky girl. and I guess I do like pain.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shibaricon Training Camp

In an attempt to look like we know what we're doing, Daddy and I have started a Rope Top/bottom training camp. This past weekend, we had a couple of folks over to continue practicing. Celeste, her boyfriend, I.R and Ron C. came over and we did a little rope work.

We reviewed some videos and decided to work on the futomomo and suspending from it. A futomomo is a specific tie in which the ankle is tied off to the thigh, in a similar fashion to a frog tie. We have never actually attempted to suspend from this before, since it is dangerous and requires quite a bit of practice beforehand. After multiple reviews of a video we had found on tying it, we attempted to suspend from it.

Celeste had done a double leg futomomo and was suspended from both. She said it wasn't the most uncomfortable thing in the world, but it was tolerable. I was tied with a single futomomo, which is more stressful since it becomes only a single point in which all my weight is placed. It was uncomfortable, but not intolerable. Same results.

With I.R, we tested to see if there was a difference between putting the hard point line on the inside or the outside of the thigh. We weren't able to judge because we try to do it at the same time (one leg with the line on the outside of the thigh, one with the line inside) and it ended up shifting everything uncomfortably. I think we'll just stick to doing the line on the inside.

We also decided that using a carabiner and using a pulley system is definitely the way to do when trying to pull someone up in a futomomo. Otherwise, the ropes bite too much and it'll be too difficult to raise someone.

Daddy, being the best, most amazing person in the world, let me suspend him from a futomomo as well, just to see how it would feel. He's a firm believer in switching for experience; he doesn't want to put me through something he hasn't tried on himself :) He agreed that it was extremely uncomfortable and this wouldn't be something he would do during a transition unless I really thought I could handle it. At this point in time, it's definitely a resounding no.

I think I really like the futomomo for partial suspensions. Hopefully I get to play with a particular person with this. I think she'll really enjoy it :D I really just want to tie her up, scratch her, clip clothespins to her and cane them off :D A girl can dream, right?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rope Top and Bottom Boot Camp- Day 1

Well, this is going to be embarrassing to admit, seeing as we created The Baltimore Guerrilla Suspension Crew...but, for the longest time, Daddy and I didn't have a hard point. How could the founding members of the premiere (we say premiere since we happen to be the only group doing this in the area) guerrilla suspension group not have a hard point? It's insanity! But because of this lack of hard point, we haven't been doing many suspensions (i.e. no suspensions) on each other. So any skills we had as suspension bottoms has quickly deteriorated, along with any delusions of being anything close to decent rope Tops.

So, with that, we begin our Rope Top/Rope bottom boot camp. This consists of doing extremely difficult ties and doing them well. It's also meant to increase our flexibility, our muscle memory and just to be fun.

Day 1 was really simple. We decided to start off slow, just to break in our fresh ropes and to re-introduce our bodies to full suspensions. We did the standard TK side suspension. I feel like such a pansy admitting this, but it hurt. It just showed me how out of practice I really am when it comes to suspensions.

Tonight will be more work and tomorrow, I plan to have some friends over so we can all do some rope practice.

Fucking finally, though, I'm so amped to have a suspension rig!