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Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 5- 30 Days of Rope Bondage

Like day 4, Day 5 was particularly challenging for me. I really lack a lot of upper body flexibility, but I can totally see a huge improvement from 6 months ago when we would attempt an armbinder and it would fail horribly. Daddy was inspired by The Hammer's class on armbinders and strapado as well as Zamil's class on TK variations. At this point, it just seems like Daddy is obsessed with hishi patterns. Was a beautiful stretch for my shoulders :) Please forgive the messy bathroom, haha.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 4

Day 4's challenging tie really makes up for my boredom with Day 3. I have been working on my flexibility all year and was finally able to do a reverse prayer for the first time a few weeks ago. We wanted to re-create that. Here is Daddy's reverse prayer TK variation. Look at my bliss/bratty face!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 3 of 30 Days of Rope Bondage

Another head/blindfold/gag tie. I am getting particularly bored with this since we've done a variation of this for the 1st AND 2nd days and tonight, it didn't put me in a particularly good headspace as I am not feeling well to begin with.

Looks like Daddy is already starting to lose creative steam. I hope this changes tomorrow night.

edit: The image is lost somewhere in blogger-world.  Kind of sucks because now that I'm editing this post, I miss it.

30 Days of Rope Bondage - Day 2

We made it to day 2 of 30 Days of Rope Bondage, hurray! It's a new record.

For tonight, Daddy went back to his roots and drew inspiration from insex and used an anal hook. The hook was tied off to my hair and also brought around my face to create a gag and blindfold. Any movement at all caused the anal hook to move and tighten inside me. Painful and exciting. The addition of a rifle tie and double futomomos made the tie extra predicament-y and definitely extra sexy.

I'm a huge fan of anal and I absolutely adored the 20+ photos we took tonight. I was in such a lovely head space for a while afterwards.

Amazing sex, amazing bondage and amazing Daddy. Luckiest girl in the world.

Monday, June 25, 2012

30 Days of Rope Bondage-Day 1

I know Daddy and I tend to start a lot of projects and rarely go through with them (remember the short lived Shibaricon Boot Camp?...yeah, I barely remember it as well), but we decided after much discussion that a 30 Days of Rope Bondage is necessary. We've gotten lazy and in a bondage rut, almost always defaulting to a basic TK or a 3 transition suspension performance (face down, inverted, face up...snoozefest).

The goal of the next 30 days is to push both of us to our edges as Tops and bottoms, to think creatively and to really work on our artistry. Just in time for the guerrilla rigging season, too. Nothing says mediocrity than repeating oneself over and over. We want to prove that we're not just a cut-rate version of NYC rope bomb or the notorious Murphy Blue, who, for the record, is an amazing person, sexy rigger and all around bro. I really dig him and his take on rigging, rope and the art of being a sexy beast.

Anyways, here are the photos from Day 1. Also, another goal by the end of these 30 days is to learn how to edit a damn picture. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Webcams and Whatnot

As I am a poor college student with no real ambitions and job at the moment, I earn money the easiest way I know how: webcamming. It's easier than a vast majority of jobs out there. I can work my own hours and pretty much be my own boss. Sure, I have to pretend to be attracted to whoever is on the other side of the computer and probably never speak to them again after they've spent their money and achieved orgasm, but I'm alright with that. It still beats any possible store discount I could get and I can be myself.

A majority of the money I make actually comes from selling photosets and videos rather than live cam chatting. Most of the photosets involve (surprise!) bondage and BDSM, which is perfect because Daddy really enjoys tying me up and shooting me ("Tie up my girl, take pictures AND get paid for it? This has got to be a crime.") A lot of the photosets can be sold and resold over and over. Something like an hour of photography and an additional 30 minutes of editing on photoshop (and no, I don't actually photoshop myself to look thinner or have clearer skin or cover up that unsightly pubic stubble- rather just resizing images since the camera I have is extremely high quality) can end up making me $100 or more. What's not to love?

Live camming is much more interesting to me, but probably makes me less money overall. A lot of times, the internet men aren't just looking for a quick nut when it comes to live camming, instead, it tends to be more conversation, like talking with a long distance lover (or what I assume it would be like, I've never had a long distance lover). I tend to have 3-10 really loyal clients that I speak to regularly. I know them all by name, their careers, their dreams, goals and aspirations.

Ah, the GFE, the girlfriend experience. Just the closeness, the voice, the gentle intimate conversation is enough for some fellas. Sometimes I forget these are things people crave because, true to robot form, I don't crave them the way most people seem to. In fact, I may put more effort into these e-lationships than I would in a typical face to face relationship. These men not only are investing their time and emotions, they invest quite a bit of money. I have to deliver right?

I always feel a bit guilty, though. These men have come to care for a girl who isn't even real. A lot of what I tell them, my name, my age, where I live, etc - they tend to be all made up. I don't know how much they really care about statistics and facts like that, perhaps deep down inside they all know I'm just a liar when it comes to meaningless facts. Most of these men tend to be more interested in the intimate conversations about my dogs, or how rock climbing went today. Those are never lies.

Strangely enough, when I do these live cam streams with a gentlemen who seems to deeply care for me, I tend to sing to myself or have music playing in my head. and it's always tends to be Dean Martin's "Ain't That a Kick In The Head?" Seems so fitting when I think about it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

B&B- The Dark Circus.

Last night was Beats and Bondage, a play party with the theme...well, beats and bondage: really awesome music, play and usually some type of art performance and a bondage performance. This month's additional theme was "The Dark Circus." Moose, the beating heart of this project, requested that Daddy and I do a performance and, of course since he's one of our photographers for BGSC as well as an awesome friend, we readily agreed to it.

What I didn't agree to was the premise of the performance. In my mind, it would be a typical Japanses-inspired rough-me-up-slap-some-rope-on-me-and-put-me-in-the-air-beautifully kind of thing. Y'know...the same thing we're always hired to do. Instead, I read this:

Watch as M0co tames the savage robo-lion Beemo! A man so brave he needs no whip, but only a few coils of rope and a cane to tame and cage this bestial cyborg. Make sure you give him room to work though folks. I've heard that Beemo has a wicked bite and a veracious appetite.

Wait-what?...a lion? (The robot part is a long story and inside joke with my friends, so that doesn't bother me). This isn't the traditional Japanese with a twist I had imagined. Why? Why a lion? Why me?

"Because, it's a circus, baby," Daddy explained somewhat impatiently, "and you will be a lion or some form of big game cat and you will enjoy it. End of story."

So for weeks, I lamented the costume I had to concoct and the behaviors I would have to adopt. I voiced my complaints almost daily, almost to the point where Daddy would threaten punishment if I didn't stop. I racked my brain to figure out costume ideas that I would enjoy and always came up empty. I've never considered pet play before as something I would be interested in. I know some of my behavior does contradict that: I'm often barking, meowing, crawling around, wrestling or drinking out of a puppy dish. My usually write off those acts as being part of a little: littles pretend to be other things for attention.

Then it hit me: attention! If anything, me dressed up as a lion (or some kind of big game cat) would get me extra attention because it's so out of character. There are three main motivators in my life: spite, sex and attention. (Wow, does that sound as awful as I think it sounds?) If something manages to hit one of those big three, I automatically do it, consequences be damned.

Of course, by the time I gave into the idea of this performance, it was too late to make my own costume, so Daddy took me to some party store and bought me one of those awful girly girl insta-cat kits that came with a eared headband, a furry necklace/choker, furry wrist cuffs and a tail. It was very corny and something you'd expect to see a drunk sorority girl wearing with a leotard and fishnets. So...right up my alley. Daddy told me to wear whatever I want it at the party, but to make it "lion like."

I decided to go naked. Lions don't wear clothes, that would just be ridiculous. The best part was I was able to attach the tail to my NJoy butt plug. (Have I mentioned how much I absolutely adore NJoy products? A must have in all households)

So the second we got into the play space, behind those closed doors, I removed everything and pranced around naked sans cuffs, collar, tail and ears. I can't claim to be the first to be naked, but definitely one of the first few. Daddy smiled as he pet my head and said that although I wasn't exact lion-like, I was a pretty adorable cat of some sort.

The performance went pretty smoothly. It was a bit strange being able to fight back a bit during the scene, mostly biting and hissing (do big game cats hiss...?) but the reaction Daddy gave me after a few bites and scratches were so worth it. He tossed me around easily enough, throwing me on the floor, tying me in his own unique-yet-strangely-Japanese style, pulling my hair, kicking me and having as much fun as possible. I was euphoric for hours afterwards.

I was able to connect with girlcrush, although I feel like since we pushed off our date for so long, she has become disenchanted with me. I'm no longer a shiny new object, but that's alright. She's still an awesome person and a great friend. I invited her and her boyfriend over to dinner during Fusion weekend since no one will be around. Hopefully she and I will get a chance to reconnect and see what happens. :)

At some point that night, Daddy and I asked Moose if we could play with his babygirl, Bunni. Moose gave us permission and we asked if he would like to join in. He grinned through his clown make up and agreed. We worked quickly, tying Bunni to a St. Andrew's cross and commenced the beating. Daddy was able to tie her breasts up fairly tight. She looked absolutely beautiful.

As proof that we don't take ourselves too seriously, Moose let us beat Bunni with some ridiculous things: clown shoes and rubber chickens. I don't remember laughing so hard while playing before, it was so much fun. It was really truly living up to the term "play" we use.

So now, I can officially scratch off pet play and beating someone with a rubber chicken off my Kink list, which is a good thing since I always try not to be judgemental, my kink is not your kink etc etc. I still don't really understand pet play, though.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Week Long No Orgasm Challenge (AKA I must be fucking stupid to have attempted this)

I think that it's quite plain that I absolutely adore having sex. Wait, minor correction: I absolutely adore having sex with Daddy. He's the first man to actually make me cum in bed (I admit, I am guilty of faking MANY an orgasm in the past just to get the person to stop rutting on top of me so I could leave and pleasure myself) and to make me cum so thoroughly that half of the time, I could just curl up into an over-sexed ball and pass out. The other half of the time, I'm demanding more sex and more orgasms, to the point of where I am kind of spoiled and ungrateful.

I was starting to realize my behavior was getting out of control. If I didn't have sex a minimum of 4 times a day (6 is what makes me happiest, if not more) I would be wildly moody. I would go from extremely angry ("Why the fuck would you fuck me and not let me cum?") to ridiculously depressed ("The world is a lonely lonely place without orgasms...le sigh.") to pleading and bargaining ("Daddy, I will give you whatever you want, just please make me cum!")'m addicted to orgasms. My attitude was no different from someone addicted to cocaine or heroin. They have become my narcotic and I was increasingly unstable unless I got my fix. It became some consuming, I had time for little else. So, what does one do to kick a habit that is so deeply ingrained into their lifestyle? By going cold turkey, of course!

Now, I'm not absolutely crazy. I decided that since orgasms aren't BAD for me (just my behavior when I don't get what I deem as enough) one week sans orgasm would be enough to teach me a valuable lesson in...I don't even know...stuff? It would be just like kicking a heroin addiction: a week without, a few cold sweats and nightmares and then I would be clean and sober.

Should be cake. I can do this, I told myself.

Well, unlike heroin, I couldn't escape sex. I couldn't leave it on the corner somewhere in Baltimore, avoid the calls from my dealer, lock myself in my room and sweat it out. Whenever Daddy wants sex, I give it to him. Believe me when I say he wants it quite frequently.

There is no sex rehab in this household.

I lasted 3 days. 3 of the longest days of my life and spanned all the stages of overcoming addiction. By the end of it, I was achy, sweaty and desperate. I would have willingly gave away precious government secrets if Daddy would just say the magic words.

He's truly a sadist, sometimes. He had so much fun bringing me so close to the edge and leaving me there while he got to cum whenever and however he felt like. I think my day 3, though, he was sick of seeing the tears in my eyes and the mopey behavior around the house. He let me go cum without reprimand, but did state that in the future, a majority of my punishments would be long-term orgasm denial.

I miss the caning already.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Kink Bubble

Most people don't live the life I do and I really do forget that things I find to be normal and everyday are a pervert's ultimate fantasy. Every once in a while, I'll be sitting in a lecture hall, listening to a professor talk rattle on and on about some amazing epigenetic discovery, while I stare into a sea of nameless faces and think, "Wow, none of you have any idea, do you?"

It seems like I've safely ensconced myself in a kink bubble. Almost all my friends, my connections, my life is tied to the lifestyle. No, slight correction, this is who I am; it just happens to permeate through all facets of my life. At this point, I'm not even sure I can reliably carry a conversation with a Narwhal. I'm not even sure how I managed to beforehand, and, when I really dwell on that, I realize I probably didn't. I usually don't speak at all or I say something that would deem me as an improper young lady (in the bad sense).

Now, Narwhals are just that: creatures that I watch carefully as they swim in their gigantic glass tanks, utterly fascinated by their everyday existence. Is that Narwhal there trying to mate? What a bizarre ritual! Their communication just sounds like a series of clicks and calls that entertain me, but mean next to nothing. How do I even begin to decipher?

When did I become a Whale Biologist?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wykd Dave, Clover, Nyotaimori and other stuff

I was lucky enough to spend a few days/hours hanging out with rope community celebrities Wykd Dave and Clover. They have been in the states recently to teach classes and perform at Shibaricon. I had always thought I knew a decent amount about shibari, kinbaku and the art of tying. Spending three hours watching Japanese rope porno with Dave, Clover and The Hammer has shown me how really new I am. Not a bad thing, but a nice reminder that I'm not as educated as I thought I was.

So far in my journey in rope, I've been so blessed to have a rockin' community, awesome teachers and a loving Daddy that wants to learn and grow with me. In this past year, I've gotten the best tutelage from bondage legends, like Lochai and Dave, and an awesome bottom, Clover. Even in the past two weeks, I've gotten to watch Dave and Clover perform twice, most people can't claim that at all :)

At Dirty Things, we were able to workshop the single column ankle suspension (non-gravity boot version) and decided that it's probably not best to attempt it anymore. I can endure it, but it seems extremely prone to injuries and nerve damage (two rope bottoms I know of had this injury and it was seriously intense)

After watching Dave and Clover perform, Daddy decided to have some sashimi, Nyotaimori style. Of course, being at Dirty Things meant he had to make a few additions of bondage and rope. Here is the outcome. Lovely photos taken by Ham Sandwich.