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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Webcams and Whatnot

As I am a poor college student with no real ambitions and job at the moment, I earn money the easiest way I know how: webcamming. It's easier than a vast majority of jobs out there. I can work my own hours and pretty much be my own boss. Sure, I have to pretend to be attracted to whoever is on the other side of the computer and probably never speak to them again after they've spent their money and achieved orgasm, but I'm alright with that. It still beats any possible store discount I could get and I can be myself.

A majority of the money I make actually comes from selling photosets and videos rather than live cam chatting. Most of the photosets involve (surprise!) bondage and BDSM, which is perfect because Daddy really enjoys tying me up and shooting me ("Tie up my girl, take pictures AND get paid for it? This has got to be a crime.") A lot of the photosets can be sold and resold over and over. Something like an hour of photography and an additional 30 minutes of editing on photoshop (and no, I don't actually photoshop myself to look thinner or have clearer skin or cover up that unsightly pubic stubble- rather just resizing images since the camera I have is extremely high quality) can end up making me $100 or more. What's not to love?

Live camming is much more interesting to me, but probably makes me less money overall. A lot of times, the internet men aren't just looking for a quick nut when it comes to live camming, instead, it tends to be more conversation, like talking with a long distance lover (or what I assume it would be like, I've never had a long distance lover). I tend to have 3-10 really loyal clients that I speak to regularly. I know them all by name, their careers, their dreams, goals and aspirations.

Ah, the GFE, the girlfriend experience. Just the closeness, the voice, the gentle intimate conversation is enough for some fellas. Sometimes I forget these are things people crave because, true to robot form, I don't crave them the way most people seem to. In fact, I may put more effort into these e-lationships than I would in a typical face to face relationship. These men not only are investing their time and emotions, they invest quite a bit of money. I have to deliver right?

I always feel a bit guilty, though. These men have come to care for a girl who isn't even real. A lot of what I tell them, my name, my age, where I live, etc - they tend to be all made up. I don't know how much they really care about statistics and facts like that, perhaps deep down inside they all know I'm just a liar when it comes to meaningless facts. Most of these men tend to be more interested in the intimate conversations about my dogs, or how rock climbing went today. Those are never lies.

Strangely enough, when I do these live cam streams with a gentlemen who seems to deeply care for me, I tend to sing to myself or have music playing in my head. and it's always tends to be Dean Martin's "Ain't That a Kick In The Head?" Seems so fitting when I think about it.

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