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Monday, July 23, 2012


"Do you ever think about what life will be like five years from now?"  I asked idly as I stretched out across the bed.  He climbed in as well, pressing his body against mine, I closed my eyes to enjoy the warmth of his skin against mine.  He didn't answer, instead Daddy toyed with my nipples, so gently it was almost like not being touched at all.

"Well? Do you?"  His fingers, so gentle at first, began to massage and pinch a little harder.  I felt myself get a bit excited, but continued my random chatter as his hands continued to drift over my body.  Daddy slid closer to me and I felt him grasp both of my wrists with one hand and pull them above my head.

"I'm going to bite you.  If I stop, you are to ask me to bite you again, do you understand?"  I opened my eyes lazily, not really registering what he said.

"Wha-" I didn't get to finish before he sunk his teeth under my left breast.  I gasped and snapped out of my relaxed stretch, but Daddy had me pinned underneath him, his weight pressing down on top of me.  He released the bite and nipped along my inner arms under his mouth was next to my ear.

"I said," he said as he bit down on my earlobe, "I'm going to bite you and if I stop, you're going to ask me to bite you again.  And you had better not scream.  Wouldn't want to wake up our room-mates, would you?"

With that, he began his onslaught.  His teeth clamped down on me everywhere, my arms, my rib cage, my nipples, stomach, anywhere he wanted.  In between each bites, I would gasp and ask him to bite me again.  Each bite was harder, more painful from the last.  By the time his teeth were set on my hips, I was crying, barely able to get the words out of my mouth.

"I can't understand what you're saying," he said as he continued his rough nibbles and nips.  He had let go of my wrists, knowing I wouldn't try to fight back, pried my thighs opened and bit my inner thigh.  I bit my tongue in order not to scream.  Instead of letting go, he clamped down harder as his fingers dug into my legs.

"Please make love to me!" I blurted out randomly.  I must have surprised him, he released his bite and looked up at me from between my legs.  The look he gave me caused me burst into tears. "Please make love me, Daddy," I begged again as I sat up.  I clumsily pulled myself into his lap and dropped wet kisses all over his face and neck.  He licked my tears and pushed me back down on the bed.  He sat between my legs and looked at my face, then at my sex.

Both were wet.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Recap, Day whatever I haven't posted, Dirty Things, Oh My!

I went through my blog and fixed all the broken images.  At least the images for 30 days of Rope Bondage as well as a couple of random dirty pictures that I particularly liked.  I think the whole switch over to the new interface gave my blog a meltdown.  Hopefully, these pics will stay and I won't have to worry.  I am having issues with creating a background so, for now, I removed it altogether.  I think it actually makes my blog easier to read, so maybe this will be a permanent change.

Day 11 of 30 days of Rope Bondage:

It was super stressful, possibly one of the hardest suspensions I've had to do.  I think it's much more rough than a single column ankle suspension, mostly because my upper body lacks some flexibility (read: completely inflexible.)  I'm fairly proud of myself for being able to handle this :D

Day 12 of 30 Days of Rope Bondage: The photo is up on Daddy's fetlife page.  It was taken with my cell phone and features me, being choked by a neck rope :D

Day 13:  Daddy spent all day in the ridiculously hot sun to make brand new 5 mm jute rope.  We actually purchased a new jute yarn that was INCREDIBLY thin.  New learning curve :)  So the cell phone picture is of all the new rope he had made with Sir Ron C., as well as our new Woody.

What is the Woody you ask?  Last night, at Dirty Things, The Hammer and Lochai actually awarded us The Woody, a large wooden suspension ring that is a hell of a lot more traditional than the metal orb we made :)  We were awarded this for our good behavior, essentially, and the work we do for our community.  I'm not sure how true it is, but according to the leaders of our rope community, Daddy and I are people that have done a lot of great things in fostering the feeling of safety and family.  I hope that's true :) It meant a great deal to us to receive just amazing words from people we admire more than almost anyone on the planet.

Lochai then told us the ring is going to represent the next level of growth for us.  The ring is currently raw and untreated: the next few years with it will show us how we grow and change.  Should be interesting to keep track of how our ring changes in the next few months.

Aw, all warm and fuzzy again just thinking about last night.

Also (and this is going to be so true to form to an adolescent's blog) I kissed girlcrush! Actually, I did lick her nipple first, but for some reason, the kiss was more intimate, even if it was a light peck on her lips.  She was an absolutely pretty dessert table and it took a lot of effort not to be creepy and stare at her.  I guess I could have pretended it was a safety thing since she was in rope, just...can't be...creepy.

Is it creepy that I even wrote that?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blogspot hates sexually explicit photos

Apparently, blogspot has taken it upon itself to remove all of my photos with no explanation. My best guess is that it's too sexually explicit.

Boo, blogspot. I knew I liked tumblr better.

edit: Apparently, it's not that blogspot hates explicit photos.  It hates all photos at the moment.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Days 6 through 11

Late on the upload, been so busy, but we've been actually keeping up with our 30 Days of Rope Bondage. In fact, maybe of our shots have gone Kinky and Popular on fetlife. I guess that isn't saying much, but we were excited. Days 6, 8 and 11 are posted here. Day 10 is actually a video tutorial that can be found on fetlife :) Day 7 is lost, but posted on fetlife. Day 7 is actually what went kinky and popular the longest :)