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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Recap, Day whatever I haven't posted, Dirty Things, Oh My!

I went through my blog and fixed all the broken images.  At least the images for 30 days of Rope Bondage as well as a couple of random dirty pictures that I particularly liked.  I think the whole switch over to the new interface gave my blog a meltdown.  Hopefully, these pics will stay and I won't have to worry.  I am having issues with creating a background so, for now, I removed it altogether.  I think it actually makes my blog easier to read, so maybe this will be a permanent change.

Day 11 of 30 days of Rope Bondage:

It was super stressful, possibly one of the hardest suspensions I've had to do.  I think it's much more rough than a single column ankle suspension, mostly because my upper body lacks some flexibility (read: completely inflexible.)  I'm fairly proud of myself for being able to handle this :D

Day 12 of 30 Days of Rope Bondage: The photo is up on Daddy's fetlife page.  It was taken with my cell phone and features me, being choked by a neck rope :D

Day 13:  Daddy spent all day in the ridiculously hot sun to make brand new 5 mm jute rope.  We actually purchased a new jute yarn that was INCREDIBLY thin.  New learning curve :)  So the cell phone picture is of all the new rope he had made with Sir Ron C., as well as our new Woody.

What is the Woody you ask?  Last night, at Dirty Things, The Hammer and Lochai actually awarded us The Woody, a large wooden suspension ring that is a hell of a lot more traditional than the metal orb we made :)  We were awarded this for our good behavior, essentially, and the work we do for our community.  I'm not sure how true it is, but according to the leaders of our rope community, Daddy and I are people that have done a lot of great things in fostering the feeling of safety and family.  I hope that's true :) It meant a great deal to us to receive just amazing words from people we admire more than almost anyone on the planet.

Lochai then told us the ring is going to represent the next level of growth for us.  The ring is currently raw and untreated: the next few years with it will show us how we grow and change.  Should be interesting to keep track of how our ring changes in the next few months.

Aw, all warm and fuzzy again just thinking about last night.

Also (and this is going to be so true to form to an adolescent's blog) I kissed girlcrush! Actually, I did lick her nipple first, but for some reason, the kiss was more intimate, even if it was a light peck on her lips.  She was an absolutely pretty dessert table and it took a lot of effort not to be creepy and stare at her.  I guess I could have pretended it was a safety thing since she was in rope, just...can't be...creepy.

Is it creepy that I even wrote that?

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