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Monday, August 24, 2015

Opening for Nawashi Kanna and Kagu Ra. Plus Travel dates!

A few months ago, Moco and I had the honor and privilege to be the opening performance for Nawashi Kanna and Kagu-Ra.  TheHammer was kind enough to record and edit it for us.  Here's the video.  Comments and suggestions are always appreciated!

M0co and Beemo from Hammer N Roxy on Vimeo.

Moco and I will be traveling quite a bit in the next few weeks.  We're super excited about it (and possibly ridiculously nervous).  Please come check us out!

Aug 28-30 MI (SINergy)
Sept 3-10 SF, CA (3 Day Moco and Beemo rope intensive)
Sept 11-14 Portland, OR (3 Day Moco and Beemo rope intensive)

Oct 10-11 Dallas, TX (BED Launch Party)