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Saturday, June 16, 2012

B&B- The Dark Circus.

Last night was Beats and Bondage, a play party with the theme...well, beats and bondage: really awesome music, play and usually some type of art performance and a bondage performance. This month's additional theme was "The Dark Circus." Moose, the beating heart of this project, requested that Daddy and I do a performance and, of course since he's one of our photographers for BGSC as well as an awesome friend, we readily agreed to it.

What I didn't agree to was the premise of the performance. In my mind, it would be a typical Japanses-inspired rough-me-up-slap-some-rope-on-me-and-put-me-in-the-air-beautifully kind of thing. Y'know...the same thing we're always hired to do. Instead, I read this:

Watch as M0co tames the savage robo-lion Beemo! A man so brave he needs no whip, but only a few coils of rope and a cane to tame and cage this bestial cyborg. Make sure you give him room to work though folks. I've heard that Beemo has a wicked bite and a veracious appetite.

Wait-what?...a lion? (The robot part is a long story and inside joke with my friends, so that doesn't bother me). This isn't the traditional Japanese with a twist I had imagined. Why? Why a lion? Why me?

"Because, it's a circus, baby," Daddy explained somewhat impatiently, "and you will be a lion or some form of big game cat and you will enjoy it. End of story."

So for weeks, I lamented the costume I had to concoct and the behaviors I would have to adopt. I voiced my complaints almost daily, almost to the point where Daddy would threaten punishment if I didn't stop. I racked my brain to figure out costume ideas that I would enjoy and always came up empty. I've never considered pet play before as something I would be interested in. I know some of my behavior does contradict that: I'm often barking, meowing, crawling around, wrestling or drinking out of a puppy dish. My usually write off those acts as being part of a little: littles pretend to be other things for attention.

Then it hit me: attention! If anything, me dressed up as a lion (or some kind of big game cat) would get me extra attention because it's so out of character. There are three main motivators in my life: spite, sex and attention. (Wow, does that sound as awful as I think it sounds?) If something manages to hit one of those big three, I automatically do it, consequences be damned.

Of course, by the time I gave into the idea of this performance, it was too late to make my own costume, so Daddy took me to some party store and bought me one of those awful girly girl insta-cat kits that came with a eared headband, a furry necklace/choker, furry wrist cuffs and a tail. It was very corny and something you'd expect to see a drunk sorority girl wearing with a leotard and fishnets. So...right up my alley. Daddy told me to wear whatever I want it at the party, but to make it "lion like."

I decided to go naked. Lions don't wear clothes, that would just be ridiculous. The best part was I was able to attach the tail to my NJoy butt plug. (Have I mentioned how much I absolutely adore NJoy products? A must have in all households)

So the second we got into the play space, behind those closed doors, I removed everything and pranced around naked sans cuffs, collar, tail and ears. I can't claim to be the first to be naked, but definitely one of the first few. Daddy smiled as he pet my head and said that although I wasn't exact lion-like, I was a pretty adorable cat of some sort.

The performance went pretty smoothly. It was a bit strange being able to fight back a bit during the scene, mostly biting and hissing (do big game cats hiss...?) but the reaction Daddy gave me after a few bites and scratches were so worth it. He tossed me around easily enough, throwing me on the floor, tying me in his own unique-yet-strangely-Japanese style, pulling my hair, kicking me and having as much fun as possible. I was euphoric for hours afterwards.

I was able to connect with girlcrush, although I feel like since we pushed off our date for so long, she has become disenchanted with me. I'm no longer a shiny new object, but that's alright. She's still an awesome person and a great friend. I invited her and her boyfriend over to dinner during Fusion weekend since no one will be around. Hopefully she and I will get a chance to reconnect and see what happens. :)

At some point that night, Daddy and I asked Moose if we could play with his babygirl, Bunni. Moose gave us permission and we asked if he would like to join in. He grinned through his clown make up and agreed. We worked quickly, tying Bunni to a St. Andrew's cross and commenced the beating. Daddy was able to tie her breasts up fairly tight. She looked absolutely beautiful.

As proof that we don't take ourselves too seriously, Moose let us beat Bunni with some ridiculous things: clown shoes and rubber chickens. I don't remember laughing so hard while playing before, it was so much fun. It was really truly living up to the term "play" we use.

So now, I can officially scratch off pet play and beating someone with a rubber chicken off my Kink list, which is a good thing since I always try not to be judgemental, my kink is not your kink etc etc. I still don't really understand pet play, though.

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