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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wykd Dave, Clover, Nyotaimori and other stuff

I was lucky enough to spend a few days/hours hanging out with rope community celebrities Wykd Dave and Clover. They have been in the states recently to teach classes and perform at Shibaricon. I had always thought I knew a decent amount about shibari, kinbaku and the art of tying. Spending three hours watching Japanese rope porno with Dave, Clover and The Hammer has shown me how really new I am. Not a bad thing, but a nice reminder that I'm not as educated as I thought I was.

So far in my journey in rope, I've been so blessed to have a rockin' community, awesome teachers and a loving Daddy that wants to learn and grow with me. In this past year, I've gotten the best tutelage from bondage legends, like Lochai and Dave, and an awesome bottom, Clover. Even in the past two weeks, I've gotten to watch Dave and Clover perform twice, most people can't claim that at all :)

At Dirty Things, we were able to workshop the single column ankle suspension (non-gravity boot version) and decided that it's probably not best to attempt it anymore. I can endure it, but it seems extremely prone to injuries and nerve damage (two rope bottoms I know of had this injury and it was seriously intense)

After watching Dave and Clover perform, Daddy decided to have some sashimi, Nyotaimori style. Of course, being at Dirty Things meant he had to make a few additions of bondage and rope. Here is the outcome. Lovely photos taken by Ham Sandwich.

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