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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rope Top and Bottom Boot Camp- Day 1

Well, this is going to be embarrassing to admit, seeing as we created The Baltimore Guerrilla Suspension Crew...but, for the longest time, Daddy and I didn't have a hard point. How could the founding members of the premiere (we say premiere since we happen to be the only group doing this in the area) guerrilla suspension group not have a hard point? It's insanity! But because of this lack of hard point, we haven't been doing many suspensions (i.e. no suspensions) on each other. So any skills we had as suspension bottoms has quickly deteriorated, along with any delusions of being anything close to decent rope Tops.

So, with that, we begin our Rope Top/Rope bottom boot camp. This consists of doing extremely difficult ties and doing them well. It's also meant to increase our flexibility, our muscle memory and just to be fun.

Day 1 was really simple. We decided to start off slow, just to break in our fresh ropes and to re-introduce our bodies to full suspensions. We did the standard TK side suspension. I feel like such a pansy admitting this, but it hurt. It just showed me how out of practice I really am when it comes to suspensions.

Tonight will be more work and tomorrow, I plan to have some friends over so we can all do some rope practice.

Fucking finally, though, I'm so amped to have a suspension rig!

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