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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shibaricon Training Camp

In an attempt to look like we know what we're doing, Daddy and I have started a Rope Top/bottom training camp. This past weekend, we had a couple of folks over to continue practicing. Celeste, her boyfriend, I.R and Ron C. came over and we did a little rope work.

We reviewed some videos and decided to work on the futomomo and suspending from it. A futomomo is a specific tie in which the ankle is tied off to the thigh, in a similar fashion to a frog tie. We have never actually attempted to suspend from this before, since it is dangerous and requires quite a bit of practice beforehand. After multiple reviews of a video we had found on tying it, we attempted to suspend from it.

Celeste had done a double leg futomomo and was suspended from both. She said it wasn't the most uncomfortable thing in the world, but it was tolerable. I was tied with a single futomomo, which is more stressful since it becomes only a single point in which all my weight is placed. It was uncomfortable, but not intolerable. Same results.

With I.R, we tested to see if there was a difference between putting the hard point line on the inside or the outside of the thigh. We weren't able to judge because we try to do it at the same time (one leg with the line on the outside of the thigh, one with the line inside) and it ended up shifting everything uncomfortably. I think we'll just stick to doing the line on the inside.

We also decided that using a carabiner and using a pulley system is definitely the way to do when trying to pull someone up in a futomomo. Otherwise, the ropes bite too much and it'll be too difficult to raise someone.

Daddy, being the best, most amazing person in the world, let me suspend him from a futomomo as well, just to see how it would feel. He's a firm believer in switching for experience; he doesn't want to put me through something he hasn't tried on himself :) He agreed that it was extremely uncomfortable and this wouldn't be something he would do during a transition unless I really thought I could handle it. At this point in time, it's definitely a resounding no.

I think I really like the futomomo for partial suspensions. Hopefully I get to play with a particular person with this. I think she'll really enjoy it :D I really just want to tie her up, scratch her, clip clothespins to her and cane them off :D A girl can dream, right?

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