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Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was another crazy weekend in which I slept very little, studied and played way too much. I haven't really found the proper balance of school, play, sleep, but so far, I've been managing it.

Friday was, of course, Dirty Things. I think this happens to be my favorite play party since it is rope bondage oriented and I feel most at home with those who also love bondage. It was a particularly exciting DT, we were able to unveil our new custom-made suspension rings, raffle off our first BGSC print, raise money for NCSF and generally spend time with really great friends.

For months now, Daddy has been waiting (im)patiently for Adam the wielder to craft our suspension rings. I think we asked for it in early December '11 and now they finally arrived! Whoohoo! The shape is that of two circles combined into a sphere or globe. We absolutely love it for transitions and it gives you so much more surface area at the bottom to work with. I no longer worry about carabiners getting jammed up :D yay for improvements. I think that, if there's enough interest, we may mass produce these bad-boys and start selling them.

We were able to raise over $150 collectively for NCSF. We worked with N and J,who did their own fundraiser (for a buck you could spank J once). I'm happy to be able to bring some money, even if it isn't much, to their organization. If you aren't familiar with NCSF, check them out here.

Strangely enough, indey (eroticwetatomic blog) won and now she has a BGSC print. I swear, this isn't rigged. Now she can be the proud owner of the classic BGSC crew in Graffiti Alley. Yay!

Saturday morning was full of trials and tribulations for me. I know I've stated before that I'm very much into anal play, but I realize that I am quite the amateur when it comes to anal training. Like it never occurred to me that some things are just too big to place into your butt without lube and some warm-up. Let me regale you with this cautionary tale.

Daddy and I went to our favorite sex shop ever right before Dirty Things, Chained Desires. We had a gift certificate from Christmas that we had been dying to use, but wanted to wait for the perfect item. He decided what was needed was more anal toys and I readily agreed. In the shop, Daddy picked out exactly what he wanted: Savage Balls. A red flag went off in my head at the name, but I wasn't truly nervous about it until we used them that Saturday morning.

Rather than try to explain what Savage Balls looks like, here is a picture, curtesy of

Now, the size of each ball didn't really worry me, I've put bigger things in my ass. What was really throwing me off on my game were the little silicone spikes coming off the ball. Yes, I know, you're all thinking, "Wtf, it's just silicone, suck it up and stick it in." Well, let me tell you, I did and it HURT. I don't think I've ever used so much lube in my life. The feeling was very disconcerting, like some kind of long spiky creature was scratching away at my insides. I couldn't keep it in for very long and the process of pulling out these balls is a lot less glamorous than putting them in. There was quite a bit of bleeding for a few hours and some intense frowning and complaints on my part.

I will admit, though, the 3-4 minutes in which the Savage Balls were in and Daddy fucked me were incredibly intense. Maybe one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had.

I later asked the leading put-stuff-in-butt expert, Hamsandwich, and he asked me what kind of prep I did. Prep? Oh...well, I...put lube on and...that was it. He shook his head and told me that I need to warm up that area before trying to shove things into it. Makes sense. I told Daddy about that and he joked, "Oh, I thought the warm up was putting the smallest one in first." Jerk!

I think I may buy these for Hamsandwich so he can test them on himself and let me know what he thinks. This product may be tainted in my mind for a while.

I spent the majority of Saturday studying for my biochem mid-term. I was determined to stay home all night, but only a few hours into studying, I began to have cabin fever and needed to escape. I gave indey and Kamm a ring and asked if I could carpool down with them to another party, Nerdgasm.

Now, Nerdgasm isn't something I would typically attend. It's definitely geared towards the younger, newer players, and I just couldn't imagine the type of play I enjoy being in and watching being there. Regardless, my friend, Leo, and dreamcrush, Daria, both said they were attending, so why not? I decided to throw on my best, sluttiest school girl outfit and head over.

Surprisingly, a lot of people I do like ended up being there: Hamsandwich, Bettie Rage, Leo...but not dreamcrush. Sigh, oh well.

I was able to do a long awaited suspension on Leo :) I transitioned zir a couple of times and was able to get photos from the staff. Zi said it was the most comfy suspension to date :D I don't know if zi is blowing smoke up my sore ass, but it was nice to hear :D I was also able to tie up St. Nicky, the patron saint of all things incredibly sexy. At one point, as I was tying her hair, I had this odd realization that this is exactly how Daddy feels when he ties up little Asian girls. Was a lot of fun and definitely made for some cute pics :)

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