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Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Beats and Bondage, an incredible hybrization dance-party slash play party slash actual awesome party kicked off my super long weekend. I was really excited for this particular event since classes just started and I felt like I needed a break already. Technically, I wasn't a guest at this party, I was working, although, I guess I could argue that I'm working at most play parties I go to.

I can't believe this was considered work. I got to spend all of Friday night showing off on top of a 13 ft scaffolding set up specifically for me (well, for BGSC). I did two suspensions, one on Daddy and one on a good friend, Atticant. Since I haven't suspended him before, Atticant is included in my 100 new suspensions for 2012 goal. He was lucky number 7 :) The rest of the night was dedicated to dancing with Daddy and being really damn sweaty.

I think that my dragon, Moose--Yes, my dragon's name is Moose--did an incredible job with organizing B&B. The venue looked amazing -- way better than how it usually looks. The music selection? Incredible, a mixture of some actual decent dubstep, not just that wub-wub Skrillex bullshit, Minimal and amazing House. I'm a really sucker for dirty beat. And the turnout? Over 80 people. Impressive! The number just goes up from here!

The next B&B is already scheduled for March :) Can't wait to see what Moose and Co. come up with.

I didn't get to bed until 4 am, although I did get to sleep in the car-ride home, thanks to Daddy and Sir Ron C. not making me stay awake (although, I bet they couldn't unless they were torturing me...which would make for a fun, yet poorly thought out drive home). I woke up promptly around 9 am because as a robot my programming is set unless changed, which it isn't since I need to be up earlier for classes.

Daddy and I spent the day sleepily doing things in a haze: late breakfast, video games and rock climbing. I was able to complete two different V2s and a V3 in the bouldering cave. I began working on V4, but my hands couldn't take anymore, felt like my skin was on fire. I did get a good workout going and my forearms and obliques are nice and sore.

We had a nice dinner with kinky couple Kamm and indey (whose blog I've linked here before and will link again HERE, since it's awesome.) at a little run-down diner near where they live. The place is very underwhelming to the eye, but had deliciously terrible foods. Daddy let me eat a chili dog with french fries, which is way outside of my normal diet. I love being able to have regular dinners with kink-friendly or kinky people: the conversation is so much better, even if it's on vanilla topics. It's similar to how musicians end up hanging out with fellow musicians, even if whatever they're doing isn't music related.

After dinner, Daddy and I went up to another play party slash laser tag tournament held by Hedone. It was apparently a lock in where a couple hundred kinksters get locked into the laser tag place and allowed to do whatever they pleased. I really didn't do much since I was so beat from the night before. I played maybe one round out of the six I was supposed to. I -was- kind of blown that the teams were assigned by the role you assume in your relationship. I am technically Daddy's slave, but I don't identify as a slave or a submissive since I do Top regularly. and I don't identify as a switch because that implies that I can switch from Topping to bottoming, which I don't. I ended up being placed on sub team 2 and I believe they didn't win a single round, boooooooo!

I was able to get one suspension in that night, bringing my total for the 2012 goal to 8. This means I need to average at least 9 suspensions a month for the rest of the months this year in order to reach my goal. How hard could that be? Answer: probably pretty damn hard. The community here isn't huge so I inevitably run into the same people over and over, which is awesome because everyone here is great, but tough on the new suspensions thing.

Daddy and I are now brainstorming on how to suspend two people so that they can fuck each other. I feel like we're going to need more rope.

*Photo by JDaddy85.

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