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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Chair Treatment

Yesterday, my Daddy and I ended up going to Mr. Sean's place, affectionately referred to as Pork Island since Sean tends to do the best barbecue I've had in the area, for a small get together. Mr. Sean has one of the best homes I've ever seen: quaint upstairs full of delicious foods and a cute bassett hound (I'm a sucker for hounds) and one of the most amazing basement/dungeons I've seen to date. The pure amount of toys and play space is incredibly, but to top it all off, Mr. Sean has some incredible furniture. One of our particular favorites is "The Chair", which has a very insex feel to it. It's crafted in order to tie someone down to it, spread legged, and torture them at your leisure.

So of course, we have to play with it. A lot of people who were there got to watch a pretty intense scene that had absolutely no impact :) I don't know about most people, but I find it incredibly sexy that Daddy can make me cry without needing to hurt me physically. There is something so powerful about knowing you get into someone's head with just words.

Vanillas, please don't fret, this was done with consent. I consented to everything that was done and I knew what the risks are when we play. And no, I've never been abused as a child. No, I don't think I'm worthless. I know it's hard grasp, but please...take my word for it.

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