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Friday, January 27, 2012

North Ave. Arts

Many a moon ago (so like...8 months ago), Daddy and I did a little photoshoot for Joe Giordano. He wanted to highlight different kinks, so obviously when he found a bunch of BGSCers running around in gas masks and rope, he immediately demanded to be able to shoot us. The concept was definitely interesting: shooting kink and fetish in something that WASN'T a dungeon (hey, that concept sound kind of familiar actually...) What he ended up with was something that looked a bit like a kinky year book photo.

These shots have apparently been on display for quite a few months now. We just got around to seeing them on Wednesday. It's a bit bizzare to see yourself blown up and posted in an art gallery. Even stranger were the prices: $1500 each, framed!

A friend took this weird, Inception-y photo of us looking at ourselves.

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