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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wolves and Snails

"So...I want to make out with you while you're tied up."

I sounded so much more confident than I felt, almost Ricky Spanish-esque.  The thing about it, though, was I semi-already knew that she was going say yes.  and that's not the megalomaniac in me speaking (although, egotistical me is flexing her bro-ceps hard as fuck right now).

Several months prior, last August to be more exact, I had foolishly told M0co that I was attracted to PJ, a girl from the Philly scene who had befriended-slash-become-frighteningly-similar-in-physical-appearance-and-tastes-to IrisEnchanted, the Lairling Queen herself.  I say foolishly because M0co has no filter and no real concern about my embarrassment.  We were doing a Photo shoot with SiRoberto (this one, actually), and in true M0co fashion, he spilled my precious beans all over the place.  Needless to say, I spent the rest of that afternoon being awkward and quiet, both happy and angry that M0co snitched on me.

Two weeks ago, PJ had sent me a text a week prior to Rope Mecca.  It was fairly generic, saying she was happy to see me at x event, and that should was happy to hear that I was attending y function (random: the nerd in me got a lot of enjoyment writing y-function for whatever reason).  Somewhere, peppered in the pleasantries, was a quick one-liner:

and I totally want to make out with you, if you're down

Wait, What? Did I just read that correctly?

After reading and re-reading, and re-reading a third time, I was fairly convinced I had somehow gotten the wrong message (texts are like that sometimes) or maybe 'make-out' had somehow changed meaning within the last...oh, 4 minutes prior to the text.  So I did what any smart robot would do when a beautiful person sends you a hot text.

I sent a goddamn smiley face back, but didn't reference anything about making-out.  Nor did I bring it up ever in the history of evers in future texts with her.  Now would be a good time to queue up Arrested Development:

Ricky Spanish would have been so ashamed by my lack of ovarian fortitude.

So luckily for me PJ wasn't as afraid as I was and mentioned AGAIN (!) in person (!!) that she wanted to make out.  What did I do? I HUGGED HER.  I FUCKING HUGGED HER. and didn't comment.  If I was a sauce, my flavor would definitely have been 'weak'.

There was no mistaking it now.  She was down.  I was down.  Now to make it happen.  I did what any other smart, kinkster would do-mention it the context of doing rope bondage.

It ended up being a really fun time- light-hearted with a lot of laughter, which was nice after over-analyzing one text message for a week.  I sloppily tied her on the couch by a dance pole- she had a stretchy skater style dress on, covered with Cheshire Cats.  We kissed, we bit each other playfully (a game in which I like to call 'Wolf Pack'), which quickly devolved in licking each other (a game in which PJ likes to call 'Snaaaaaaail traaaaaaaail!')

and before I realized it, we were just two happy people, cuddling on a couch, laughing and just...enjoying being around one another.

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