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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Policy Reversal, FIRE II: Rope Boogaloo

I'm really impressed at the recent turn of events with blogger/blogspot.  I just heard that they are planning on keeping their old policy towards adult blogs :) Excellent.  That means I will be continuing to blog here.  Well, 'continuing to blog' is used rather loosely here, though. 

M0co and I were lucky enough to spend a week in beautiful, sunny Orlando, Florida recently.  We had gone down to be part of Florida's Intense Rope Experience, or FIRE.  This was their second year, and they went all out with their list of presenters.  We were able to spend time with some world class riggers and bottoms, learning and sharing our brains and hearts.  It was...well...intense. 

It was a bit of a battle heading to Orlando.  Maryland weather didn't want to cooperate the Wednesday and Thursday before our flight, with caused such a back up, we ended up missing our original flight.  We were in the airport for nearly 12 hours before we were able to re-book a connecting flight to Indianapolis then head to Orlando.  M0co and I actually ended up missing two of the classes we were supposed to teach, but FredRx and Gorgone (!) were gracious enough to cover our time slots and asses.

Saturday night, we did a performance.  An ACTUAL performance, one in which we planned music and the like.  We've never actually put much thought in performances before- M0co considers himself a 'jazz' rigger- he makes it up as he goes, it's all based on how he and his instruments--in his case, the rope, me, and the environment-- feel that night.  and to be fair, the rope and suspension parts were STILL done jazz style - no real thought or consideration on what sequence we were going to end up doing.  The idea came to us while driving home one late afternoon while listening to 50 Cent's "If I can't (No one can)."  I semi-jokingly made a statement about how this song was able M0co's ability to make specially customized rope for his clients and friends.  From there, this appalling performance was born.

I don't want to reveal too much of what happened, but here is a few shots, taken by FredRx:

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