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Thursday, August 7, 2014

July Recap aka I'm lazy, so here's a short post and photo

The last few weeks have been crazy for M0co and myself.  We've been out of town almost every weekend, doing some rope related.  It's kind of wild how much my life has changed since joining the kink community.  I went from doing absolutely nothing on the weekends to traveling all over the US, sharing something I'm truly passionate about.

In the beginning of July, M0co and I headed out to Cincinnati to teach our first weekend long intensive.  I had a bit of anxiety- but because of teaching, but because M0co had....SHINGLES. He was incredibly sick, in tons of pain, and totally still able to teach.  He's an amazing man.  

The kind folks at Cinci were amazing- they were completely teachable (!), and so eager to learn.  I'm hoping they were able to get some useful info out of the intensive, whether it was an actual skill or just a concept.  Or maybe a renewed love of rope bondage.

M0co and I also got to spend some time up with Mataleao and WickedBlueGlow in NJ while we were teaching at The Floating World.  The event itself was pretty lackluster for me (I have the worst anxiety at cons sometimes), but I thoroughly enjoyed spending some quality time with great people.  ML and WBG are definitely stand up people and I couldn't explain what great hosts they were.  I did complain a lot (hey, it's in my nature), but Mataleao was totally cool with it, and rolled with the punches.  I really appreciated his off the cuff sense of humor and his biting wit.  Always a good time.

Instead of having a relaxing weekend, M0co decided to call up Robert Neroni (SiRoberto on FL) and set up a photoshoot.  We've worked with Robert in the past and the results were absolutely stunning.  He's one of the most talented photographers I've met and M0co had a very specific reason for wanting to use him.  For the past year, M0co has wanted to get a full back piece tattoo done and he decided that he wanted it to be an image of me tied up.  He toyed with a million different concepts and themes before he finally had the perfect vision.

In the end, M0co wanted to have a Japanese inspired/influenced tattoo, so he had me bring several kimono.  Robert helped with the aesthetics and ended up doing a very simple partial suspension.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but this was the result:

Ropework: M0co
Photographer: Robert Neroni
Rope: M0co Jute

Robert and M0co make beautiful collaborations, don't they?  It feels weird to say that about myself, but I do love this image.  I don't consider myself a model or even beautiful in that conventional ideal of beauty, but this photo is incredible to me.  I think between watching actual models that M0co shoots with and all of those episodes of America's Next Top Model, I was able to pull myself together well enough to get a great shot.

I can't wait to see how this translates into a tattoo.  M0co's first session is on Monday with tattoo artist Larry Hardesty of Black Lotus Tattoo.  Check out his work here.

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