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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


It's about that time again, folks.

Tomorrow starts my weekend mini-vacation and it's taking place at Ramblewood--or as many other kinksters lovingly refer to it as, home.  It's time for Dark Odyssey's Fusion, a crazy week-long kinky camping event full of education, play, and all around craziness.

M0co and I are decidedly not 'outdoorsy', so we are going to get a hotel :D so yay for vacations!

Somehow we managed to trick everyone into thinking letting us teach is a great idea, so we'll be doing four different classes:

  1. Making Natural Fiber Jute Rope: this class is mostly M0co teaching and me standing there and making sure no one accidentally sets themselves on fire
  2. Basic chest harnesses: Hopefully we can squeeze in a hands-free harness, 2 rope TK, and if there's time, 3 rope TK
  3. A Dynamic hip harness: Formerly known as The Kinoko-ish Hip harness, we ended up changing the name because it's actually nothing like Kinoko-san's hip harness.  We're thinking about calling it 'the best damn hip harness EVER'
  4. Fluid Strappado for limited mobility- the limited mobility refers to rope bottoms with limited upper body flexibility.
I'm really excited about teaching the last class.  It's something that really hits home for me and I think the fact I connect so deeply with this class makes for better learning :)

I plan on doing quite a bit of yoga and working out while at camp, especially early in the mornings.  I'm not sure if I'm entering a manic phase, but I have been waking up fairly early and getting to work earlier and earlier than I had been.  I just know I'll be awake at 7 am, and I really don't want to bother M0co.  He's going to need his sleep between all the classes, sex, and play.

Time to finish up packing and get some shut eye :)

Here's a photo from a photoshoot I did recently with M0co.  It turned out super pretty :)

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