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Friday, July 5, 2013

[Insert Semi-Depressing Title Here]

My love for this blog is quickly dying; I'm starting to really dislike the fact that blogspot seems to want to get rid of my photos, even the ones that have no nudity in it.  'Sup with that, blogspot?  Why you hatin'?  There's a good chance I may end up switching blogging sites if this keeps up.  Everyone keeps recommending Wordpress, I might have to check it out.

Aside from that, my days are kind of a messy jumble of work and doing stuff to get ready for some major rope events in the area.  Aside from some intensives that Cannon and Tifereth are doing this month, M0co has decided that he wants to throw a larger than usual rope education slash party day called 'Rope Mecca'.  I've been trying to lock down tons of logistics for him, but, as many folks know, trying to organize and herd kinky folk is akin to herding cats.  It's damn near impossible.  Plus, I'm highly allergic to cats.

I haven't had a lot of time to really sit and process my own thoughts and feelings and it's starting to really show.  I wish I had the vocabulary to accurately put down what I'm feeling but, it's just so damn hard right now.  It's days like this that I want to blog the most and think, "I probably shouldn't, it'll be quite a boring and depressing read."

Instead, I pose a random question to everyone out there in internet world: How important is your happiness to you in relation to someone else?  Not just anyone else, but someone you love for deeply?  Without getting into too many details, I'm struggling with finding a balance.

How does one find balance?

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  1. I just made the decision to shelve my happiness in one aspect of my life for the benefit of someone else's. it's just one aspect, but it made me feel pretty bad about myself, and so far I don't like the feeling of being someone who failed to stand up for something I wanted. other than that feeling, though, I do like (in a submissive sense) doing things for someone that are diametrically opposed to the things I want. shit's complicated.