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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grove Lane Studio's "Decadent and Dark Day of Photography"

Last Sunday, Grove Lane Studios held it's second photography day.  It consists of allowing photographers access to tons of models and kinky situations.  M0co, of course, was asked to come tie up models and make them all pretty for photos.

He did a great job, like always.  One of the girls seemed to genuinely be into it, in fact.  It took quite a bit for me to work on my jealousy, but I think, in the end, I was able to remind myself that M0co loves me and this is his job.  and it also helped that he made it a bit more mechanical since these girls were pretty much strangers to him.  Once I got over the initial insecurity ("They're prettier than I am...they're thinner than I am..."), I was able to actually enjoy the beauty of what M0co can do with rope and a body.

Interestingly, M0co somehow convinced Grove Lane to let me be a model- he told them if they wanted authentic, energy driven rope work and suspension work, he needed to use someone he knows extremely well (M0co didn't suspend any of the models because they had never been in rope before.)  He told me to bring my kimono and throw on some make-up and see what we could do.

I don't know what I'm doing with make-up. all.  If anyone has make-up tips, suggestions, or basic how-tos, please share!

It didn't feel like a photoshoot; it felt like we got to play with photographers around.  It reminded me of all those Osada Steve videos I have where we can watch Osada Steve tie, but can hear the camera shutters in the background.  It was a completely different experience.

One of the photographers, Fetlife's DescreetPhotog, sent M0co some photos already and he fell in love with them.  I have yet to see what the other photographers came up with, but I'm pretty excited about it.

Here's a shot or two from DescreetPhotog:

I really like how this photo captures out dynamic.  It's rare we get photos with both of us together - M0co's usually operating a cracked cell phone.  Plus, wearing even a little bit of make-up really changes a photo.  I'm glad I forced myself to do so.

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