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Saturday, August 3, 2013

I don't know what to call update?

Some days, I get really stuck in a vanilla rut.  I've been trapped working 12 hours a day for the past two days, stressing at work every 3 minutes that I'm going to be a citation for even looking at DNA incorrectly.  It's become increasingly obvious that our CAP inspection is coming up and the higher ups are starting to realize some stuff about work protocol is a little lax.  The dust collecting on some of the machines should have been an indicator, but nope, they sit in their offices, eating candies and gossiping, completely oblivious to...well, everything.
In other, more exciting, kink-related news, is now a thing.  I've considered moving my blog over there, but I'm mighty lazy.  I might consider it while on vacation in about a week or so.  If you're interested in rope, you should purchase now, there's a 20% grand opening sale if you use the code augustsale54.  Jute rope for these prices, with a sale on top of it?  You would think that M0co's suffering from some kind of brain damage!  Sale only lasts until the 11th.  Then we go on vacation :)
We received our one piece mouth lock a few days ago.  It's created by the evil Mr. Leto and it's really just a fabulous torture device.  My mouth is strangely big for my head and a lot of times I can't find gags that fit me properly: they are usually way too small.  We occasionally run into the way too big gags and they're a bit frightening.  I just imagine a human being able to unhinge their jaw in the same manner snakes do to ingest pretty big prey.  Except prey in this instance is penis.
Speaking of penises, M0co ran into the issue with our old ring gag that his cock couldn't fit in it to face fuck properly.  I heard this was the case with a lot of ring gags.  Is that done on purpose?  

Enter Mr. Leto's gag: it's a custom sized one piece gag that fits (somewhat) comfortably inside the mouth.  Once there, it can be opened wider to prevent the wearer from pushing it out.  More importantly, M0co's penis actually fits in it and allows him to face fuck!
Of course, in true M0co fashion, he tied my arms behind me and pulled my hair to control my head.  It was the fastest he's ever cum. 
My only regret was eating chocolate immediately before using the gag.  Brown drool is decidedly unsexy to me.

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