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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review: Brazilian Waxing

It's crazy to think about how much time is wasted on body hair removal. I would say that out of the 20-25 minutes I spend in the shower, a good half of that is dedicated to shaving something like 60% of my body. On top of that, I don't just have hair - I have a thick layer of fur meant to protect me from the harsh cold long nights in the Arctic. My hair would pretty much grow back within a few hours.

So, of course, when Darian IlRe, demi-god of TNG Baltimore and sweetest brother ever, said that one of the beauticians at his spa was doing a free brazilian waxing demo for her boss, I jumped on the chance.

The prepping for it was seemingly easy: don't shave for a week.

Let me tell you, longest week ever. I never realized how automatic it is for me to pick up the razor and hack away and the hairs on my body, it's become second nature. So, to let it grow out was particularly challenging. I also never realized how thick my hair is. I mean, yes, I knew I had quite a bit, but considering that I have kept myself smooth shaved since 17 years old, I don't think I ever actually knew how much I had. So, by the end of this week, I felt like I was growing a small, raven-haired furby between my legs.

The waxing itself wasn't bad at all; it was no more painful than things we do sexually. In fact, N made the statement, "Oh, so it's like a hair follicle zipper." Why, yes, yes it was! What a perfect analogy. So, if you're curious about what waxing feels like, line yourself with some clothespins and rip them all off at once! I think waxing is actually a lot less painful, so if you can survive that, you can survive a waxing. Some areas were more sensitive than others and the soft wax was more painful than the hard, but overall, it was a breeze.

Since I was a serial shaver, the waxer, Brit, told me that my hair would start growing in strangely because I had so many short hairs. B recommended that I don't shave, come back in a week and get whatever hairs were leftover.

Another week, no shaving. The small hairs grew into strange little patches. Daddy said it looked like a sick ewok (D:). I went back today and she pulled the rest off. I barely even noticed it this time.

The whole process was fairly quick, maybe an hour or so, and there were no special directions afterward besides exfoliate. ("Everytime you shower! Don't forget!").

I think I'll just stop shaving altogether now. I just want to wax it. The results are super sexy. I just hope I can afford it.

Quick Review
Salon: Zina's Day Spa in Canton (Baltimore, MD)
Product/Service: Full brazilian waxing- a mix of hard and soft waxes
Price: Prices start at $75, can be a bit expensive if you're poor (like me!) but the hair does grow in finer and you'll end up going less.
Pain level: 3/10 t 4/10, depending on which type of wax used and where the wax was. Some people with more sensitive skin may bleed.
Maintenance and upkeep: If you're a chronic shaver, you may need to go back in a week to remove smaller hairs that couldn't be yanked the first go around. Exfoliation is a must.

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