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Monday, May 14, 2012

Intimacy with Rope 101 - Online Class

Tired of those boring college classes, well, not to worry, we have you covered!

Presenting: Intimacy with Rope 101 - LIVE Streaming University


Monday, May 14th, 8:30pm-10:00pm EST, can log in at 8:15pm—demonstration will begin at 8:30pm and go till 9:30pm…may run slightly over, latest being 10pm!

Who is the class for?

This class is for anyone who has a desire to expand their play with rope. Any size, any shape, male or female. This class is an introductory and novice level course, but we will build from this class onto further ones.

What will be taught?

We will discuss single & double column ties, chest harnesses and quite possibly a floor hogtie. There will be 2 lovely bottoms, one is of larger variety, so you big gals and guys...step up to the plate!


The privacy of your own home!!! You do not have to drive anywhere, if you have an internet connection you can come to class. The class is interactive via a chat room like environment. You will hear and see us LIVE as we present to you the building blocks of intimate rope connections and be able to communicate with us in real time using the chat room!

How much is this class?

Our introductory class, is FREE ! This is a fun test on alternative ways to provide our community with education. If it's well received, we'll do more!
If you wish to, you can make a donation to the presenters and to the bottoms by clicking here:
[][Donate through Paypal to] *Donations go to the presenters and bottoms.

Who is presenting?

This awesome presentation will be brought to you by DarianILRe, warriorfrog, M0co Butterfly66

So, come one everyone and together we can Be More with Kink!

Also, any person creating this live streaming demonstration isn't responsible for any injury caused by watching. This is for entertainment purposes, and if you happen to gain something from it, then all is good. But seriously, we're not responsible for any misuse of rope to any living thing that causes any sort of injury. There are many ways to produce rope work, and ours isn't "the" way, it's a way that we find comfortable, and we hope to entertain you!

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