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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Non-Sexual Related Service

I'm not sure what it has been about the last few weeks, but the community, at least the part of the community I've been surrounding myself in, has a sudden influx of service-oriented submissives.

Wait, that isn't true...maybe what I should be saying is that, for the first time in the last year that I've been active in my community, I've finally gotten around to noticing service-oriented submissives. It started about a month ago when Daddy and I went to a Happy Hour and met DangerMuffin, a sweet, introverted blonde from Seattle who was here visiting her biological sister who also happens to be kinky*. Daddy spent some time conversing with her while I gallivanted around, trying to gain the attention of my peers. Later that night, Daddy told me about what the spoke about:

Daddy: Did you know DangerMuffin is a service sub?
Me: What does that mean exactly?
Daddy: It means she cooks, cleans and does other household chores.
Me: ...and then?
Daddy: What do you mean and then? That's it. I mean, she does it in her underwear or naked, or in cute lingerie, I'm guessing.
Me: ...
Daddy: It's non-sexual. She does it because it makes her happy. and it makes her Dominant happy.

Daddy seemed to be genuinely interested in this concept of service-oriented submission. So I began to research since my brain couldn't quite grasp the notion. Apparently, friend and DC located bad-ass, Annie Sky (blog can be found here), also has begun a strange journey into non-sexual submission. Her few blogs about it gave me a better understanding, yet I still couldn't (and don't) get it.

I tried asking a friend, Issa, but her answers were even less helpful. They were along the lines of, "For the right person, you'll get it," and "I like cleaning and cooking."

So rather than continue to rack my brain for answers I wouldn't find, I decided that maybe the best way to go about this is to try it. So got naked, put on an apron slash lingerie set and began cleaning my bedroom while Daddy was laying in bed drawing. Every now and then I would glance up at Daddy, that familiar look of desire in his eyes. If I felt like he was looking at me, I would crawl around and give him a better view of my body, arch my back a little more, or wiggle my hips invitingly.

Before I knew it, I was in bed, Daddy on top of me, feeling his hard cock between my legs. The room stayed uncleaned and I got fucked. Repeatedly.

Service-oriented submission, I think I'm doing it wrong.

*I never really understood how two biologically related people could feel comfortable in the same sexually driven community, but then again, I grew up in a very conservative house-hold and the idea of watching my brother play with someone the way Daddy plays me with is just....disturbing.

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