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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Negative Feels Bubble

I hate being that guy, but I'm totally going to be that guy for a minute.

I'm a pretty good fucking rope bottom.

It feels funny to say (type?) that.  And it feels funnier to read.  and most of all, it's super awkward when someone else tells me that.  I've spent so much time focusing on my weaknesses and shortcoming that I forget to take a look at some of my strengths. and sometimes, I forget something that once was a weakness no longer exists because I've put the time and effort to make the change.  

We all get trapped in the negative feels bubble sometimes.  And with the way the world is, sometimes all you ever see is the dark side of things.

But the great thing about bubbles? They eventually pop.  Sometimes on their own.  Sometimes with a little help.

BDSLR sent me some great images that he captured from November Krakens' Lair.  I gave him a hard time since it's pretty much April now, but sometimes good things are worth waiting for.  and BDSLR was the needle I needed to pop some negative feels bubbles this evening.

I looked through some of these photos 3-5 times over, just trying to wrap my head around some of these ties.  How can someone with as many deficits as I do be able to do something like that?  Camera magic?  Really clever angles?  Stunt robot body double?

No, in the end, it's just me. It's my hard work.  It's my sweat and my blood and my tears. 

It's just me.

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  1. you are a kick ass and gorgeous blogger, you should take pride on all your hard work and I believe there's no shame in admitting that you are good at what you do