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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MBE 2014, the extravaganza that almost wasn't (but then was, so it was cool in the end)

To be fair, MBE was never NOT going to be a thing-- Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza has been an ongoing yearly event that seems pretty unstoppable.

The 'almost wasn't' part was more about my attendance to said event.  The last few months for M0co and myself have been truly crazy- a lot of traveling, working mega overtime, and always, ALWAYS an almost negative bank account.  Money was really tough for us, and MBE almost wasn't in the books for us.  Well, at least not both of us.  Since rope is M0co's life, traveling to MBE was more of a business calling than pleasure, so it made sense that he should at least be able to go and represent.  Would have been mighty awkward if the official rope of MBE couldn't make it.

So, since I was under the impression I wasn't going to make it, I convinced a friend of mine to run a 5K with me that Saturday.  Admission was super cheap and I figured it would keep me occupied while M0co was away.  So I had a plan.  A non-MBE plan.

Fast forward, I ended up actually being able to go to Florida and finding last minute tickets that same Saturday.  So, like all normal insomniacs who hate to let people down, I decided to do it all.  Run the 5K, get on a plane, tie and get tied for 12 hours, fly back home and work on Monday.

Did I mention the 5K was a color run?  You know, the kind of 5K where they throw all the colorful corn starch at you?

So, I was slightly rainbow colored when I arrived to The Woodshed, but only slightly.

Anyways, I survived another MBE, but as a rigger!  I wish I had some photos of the ties I did and of the awesome bottoms I got to use, but I haven't received them yet. I did get quite a few shots of M0co tying me, which is just as nice :)

Photos by Coner
Look at how fancy M0co looks!  I'm one lucky little slave :)


  1. You rock so hard. I thought that you had done the color run the day before because seriously, who is that much of a boss? Answer: you. Damn.

  2. Also, when you comment on here and it asks you to prove you're not a robot, do you short circuit? :D