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Monday, May 25, 2015

MBE Bmore 2015!

I guess I should have kept it a secret by not writing it in the title, but guess what, guys?

MBE is featuring Baltimore as a satellite city this year!  Charm City is going to be hosting a night of amazing bondage art and we absolutely cannot wait.

I mean, is it really a surprise that B-more was chosen?  The DMV really is Rope Mecca: the ropey-est place in all of the rope world.  I'm happy we'll finally be able to showcase some of the amazing, blossoming talent our area has to offer.

Since Bmore is only a stone's throw away from NYC, Philly, NJ, and the Carolinas, I suspect we'll get in tons of apps up and down the east coast.  We're really looking forward it!

#MBEBmore2015 will be hosted on September 19th, which means people attending this event can still apply to the other satellite locations, including the live event in Toronto!  

So let's get those applications in and show everyone the amazing fucking talent we have to offer!


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