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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I did a thing! (Pole Progression)

Like all spoiled little girls, whenever I ask Daddy for something, if I can give him a "legitimate" reason I need it, he'll almost always get it.  The excuse for a dance pole was a thinly veiled one, and actually wasn't enough to get him to want one.  So, I did what every little girl does with a job: used my own money to get it.

Unfortunately, M0co wasn't too pleased I went and did this.  "Baby, money's tight this time of year," he explained, or "You'll just stop using it after a month."  To be fair,  M0co's baseline of judgment is accurate- I do tend to start many a project to just push them literally under the living room table with my yoshi pinata and my sewing kit.  But, like a little girl begging for a puppy, I responded- "Don't worry, Daddy, I promise to use it everyday! It's not a waste of money or time! It's fun for me! and it'll be fun for you!"

To make good on my promise of it being entertaining for him, he made me dance for him several times.  He'd throw on some slow jams on Pandora, sit in Daddy's chair and just watch.  It gave me a mini thrill to be the center of his attention, even if I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing.  Every time I danced for him, it ended with me crawling the our hallway--a fistful of hair in his hand-- to be fucked roughly in bed.

I think I can safely say that M0co has grown fond of having a pole in the house :)

For the last month (the only month) of having a pole here, I've been working really hard on my basic invert.  I'm happy to say that I nailed it finally!  I guess my strength has improved greatly in the last month *flex*

My first basic invert! One month of practice
I'm happy to see progress in myself sometimes, it's easy to lose sight.  I want to say that I'll post monthly updates, but that could be the biggest lie I've ever written.  My goal currently is to at least post progress pics with a timeline.  

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